We have removed elements from machines where customers have been using some supermarket descalers and they have been as scaled up as if nothing has been used. If used regularly we know this descaler works.

This is a washing machine element from a hard water area covered in limescale.

 1mm of scale reduces the energy efficiency of the machine from an A rating to a B rating costing more money to run and defeating the object of buying a more expensive energy efficient machine in the first place.

 This is how you can avoid this.

A box of descaler recommended by manufacturers will prevent scale build up and remove excess detergent build up.

A years supply of 12 sachets works out at only £1.25 per month.

This is an element we removed from a customers machine locally that was 6 years old and looked almost like new after regularly using this descaler.

Oust all purpose descaler. Works in 10 mins. 3 sachets.