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Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers

Anti- Flood Protection- Appliances with anti-flood protection will cut the water supply to the washing machine if a leak is detected, thereby preventing flooding.

Anti vibration- Certain models are designed to reduce vibrations. This helps to not only keep the machine more secure while in use, but also reduces the amount of noise the dryer produces.

AquaPlus- A setting on some Bosch washing machines. With AquaPlus, a higher water level will be used for your selected programme, giving better rinse results.

Child-Lock - This feature prevents children from opening the appliance door or altering settings while a laundry cycle is in progress.

Condenser Dryer- A popular type of tumble dryer. These models extract moist, warm air from the drum and collect condensed water in a removable tank, which requires emptying. You can install a Condenser Tumble Dryer anywhere in your home (as opposed to Vented Tumble Dryers).

Compact Tumble Dryer- Compact models have smaller capacities, but are perfect for more space-limited kitchens or utility rooms.

Countdown Timer- A timer to display the remaining time before your laundry is ready. Times shown are often estimated. See also Time Remaining Display and Timer Function.

Delay Start- Set a delay timer for your laundry cycles to ensure your clothes are ready the moment you want them. You can even set cycles to complete while you’re out of the house, so they’ll be ready as soon as you get back.

Delicate Wash Programme- A gentle cycle that safely washes delicate items without risk of shrinkage or damage. Also called ‘Delicate Wash Cycle’.

Detergent Compartment- The drawer on a washing machine that holds detergent and fabric softener.

Digital Display-  An easy-to-read electronic screen which displays programme options and features. Digital displays usually use either LED or LCD panels.

Eco Perfect - This option allows you to save on energy which in turn may save you money on your bills.

Energy Rating - Gives an insight to the energy efficiency of the appliance.

Empty Water Indicator- This indicator is found on ‘Condenser Tumble Dryers’ and signals that you need to empty the removable water tank. 

Free Standing - An appliance which can stand on it's own and isn't hidden from eye-sight.

Filter Full indicator-   A warning light to indicate that the Lint Filter needs to be cleaned. The Lint Filter is typically a removable mesh screen that catches all of the lint and dust from your clothes, for more see ‘Lint Filter’.

Freestanding- These models stand independently and can be set-up anywhere in your kitchen, garage or utility room. For machines that are seamlessly built into your existing units, see ‘Integrated’.

Front-loading-  Clothes are loaded into the washing machine through a porthole on the front of the machine.

Indicator Lights- A series of lights on the front panel of your appliance, used to display settings or the status of your machine.

Integrated- These tumble dryers are seamlessly built into your existing kitchen layout and fitted behind cupboard doors.

LED Display- A flat panel display that uses LEDs (light-emitting diodes) as pixels. LED displays are often used on washing machines to show time or programme information.

Rapid 14/30/44/59 Programme- The ‘Rapid’ cleaning programmes from Hoover are designed to clean lighter loads of laundry in a specified amount of time. The Rapid 59 programme washes and dries up to 1.5 kg of laundry in under an hour.

Reload Function- A useful feature for when you’ve started a cycle, and realise you’ve forgotten to load certain garments. This function pauses the cycle, allowing you to reload the drum and resume the cycle. Also known as ‘Pause Function’.

Reverse Drum- A drum that can turn in both directions, helping to prevent clothes from tangling.

Self- cleaning dispenser- Certain washing machines come with self-cleaning detergent drawers, using jets of water to spray away any detergent residue. Some brands use their own names for a self-cleaning drawer, e.g. PowerJet or Jet Spray.

Sensory Drying- An intelligent programme which uses sensors to detect the level of moisture in your garments. The dryer then alters the heat and time based on the level of moisture.

SpeedPerfect Function- Bosch’s SpeedPerfect function allows you to reduce cycle times without compromising the wash performance.

Spin speed - The rotations per minute that an appliance does.

Timed Programmes- Programmes with a specific length of drying time. For example, certain models contain programs for every 20 minute intervals.

Variable Spin speed - This setting lets you change the spin speed of your appliance. (See Spin speed)

Variable Temperature- Most washing machines now allow you to set the cycle’s temperature, depending on your requirements.

Vented Tumble Dryer- This type of dryer draws moist air from the machine through a hose and expels it at the other end. These models do not need their water tank emptying, unlike ‘Condenser Tumble Dryers.’ However, these models need to be installed near an external wall or window so that they can vent the water droplets outside of your house.

Washer dryer- One appliance that operates as both a washing machine and a tumble dryer- no washer dryers require a pipe to vent out the window as they have the workings of a washing machine.

Vacuum Cleaners

Bagged-  A vacuum cleaner has a bag that will collect the dust and then will need to be emptied.

Bagless- A vacuum cleaner that doesn't have a bag. Instead it has a canister where the dust collects that must be emptied

Cordless - A vacuum cleaner that does not have to be plugged into the mains to be operated. It has no cable and will come with a charging port.

Cylinder - Usually a smaller vacuum than an upright vacuum cleaner, that tends to be pulled along the floor on wheels.

Energy Efficiency Rating- This shows how good your vacuum is on energy, A+++ is the best rating.

Upright - Upright vacuums tend to be taller than cylinder vacuum cleaners, so you don't have to bend down in order to use them.  


Acoustic Alarm- On some appliances, an alarm will sound when the door has been left open for a specific amount of time. This alarm prevents you from leaving the appliance door open and letting the internal cavity warm.

Active Fresh Blue Light- Featuring on some Beko appliances, blue LEDs are used to preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables for longer.

Adjustable Feet- Uneven floors are no longer an issue thanks to adjustable feet – these can be extended or retracted to balance the appliance. See ‘levelling legs’ for more.

Adjustable Shelving- The height of these shelves can be tailored to suit your needs. This flexible feature gives you extra space where you need it, when you need it.

Adjustable Thermostat- Controls the temperature of the fridge to suit your needs.

Air Flow Cooling- Rapidly chills the appliance after the door has been opened, keeping food at the right temperature.

Alarm- An alarm sounds if the temperature inside some models of freezer begins to rise. See also Acoustic Alarm.

American Style- The term given to a design of large side-by-side fridge freezers that are popular in the USA.

Analog Thermostat- This numbered dial can be manually adjusted to change your freezer’s internal temperature.

Anti-Fingerprint Handles- Door handles that prevent messy finger marks - ideal for families with young children.

Antibacterial AirFresh Filter- A feature built into some Bosch models to remove food odours and keep air fresh.

Antibacterial Coating

Applied to the fridge interior, this coating prevents cross-contamination for a more hygienic appliance.

Antibacterial Door Gaskets- Located in the door’s seal, these gaskets help to prevent a build-up of germs.

Antibacterial Door Handles- Your main point of contact with the freezer is sealed with a special antibacterial coating. This limits the spread of germs, keeping your food safe.

Antibacterial Door Seal- Stops bacteria from entering and growing inside the fridge lining.

Antibacterial Fittings

Extra fixtures which can be added to the fridge’s interior to prevent a build-up of germs and bacteria. Fittings include coating, gaskets, handles and seals.

Antibacterial Systems- Keeping your freezer in a good, hygienic condition, antibacterial systems help your food last longer, and cut down on your cleaning. See also Antibacterial Fittings.

Auto-Defrost- Fridges with this function regularly self-defrost, preventing ice crystals from building up inside the model.

Beverage Compartment- Often found within the door, a beverage compartment will hold your drinks securely so there are no accidental spills while you’re rummaging in the fridge. Also referred to as ‘Drinks Compartment’.

BigBox- A Siemens feature, the BigBox is a taller internal drawer that allows for larger items to be stored, or more items to be stacked inside.

Bottle Rack- A specially designed shelf to keep your wine or fizzy drinks secure. It also helps to keep your fridge tidy. Also called ‘Bottle Shelf’.

Built-in Integrated- A fridge or freezer which will be built into your kitchen units and concealed behind a cupboard door, matching your kitchen’s design.

Chest Freezers- These are large freezers which open like a chest – perfect for households that store a lot of frozen food. They offer plenty of space for bulkier items due to rarely having shelves or dividers.

Climate Class- Indicates the range of temperatures in which your freezer will work effectively. Most models have an SN climate class, with a minimum temperature of 10 degrees and a maximum temperature of 32 degrees (Celsius).

Combined Fridge Freezer- A single appliance with separate fridge and freezer sections.

Commodity Racks- Handy door compartments, which provide additional storage space for your food.

Compact- Compact fridges have small capacities making them perfect for a single person household or as a back-up to your main fridge.

Compartment Type- Various types of compartment can be found within most models of fridge. These can include crisper drawers, door shelves, specialised bottle racks/holders and more.

Concealed Evaporator- Evaporator plates remove water droplets that may form at the back of your fridge. By keeping this concealed, the hygiene and appearance of the appliance can be improved.

Cooling Type- Refrigerators can either have static or dynamic cooling systems. ‘Static’ systems rely on cold air inside the appliance to circulate naturally, whereas ‘dynamic’ systems use ventilation fans to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the model.

Counterbalanced Lid- These appliance doors are weighted to stay open and not fall shut. This makes it easier to dig deep in your chest freezer.

Cut Away Handle- The handle is cut into the main body of the fridge. As a result, the front of the fridge is completely flat, without an external handle.

Cyclopentane Insulation- A type of foam insulator which effectively keeps cold air inside your refrigerator. It cuts down running costs and helps the fridge to run more efficiently.

Dairy Compartment- A separate compartment to store your dairy products hygienically.

Decibel (dB)- A unit used to measure the levels of sound emitted from the appliance. The higher the decibels, the louder the fridge will be. See ‘Noise Levels’ for more.

Digital Display

Some refrigeration appliances feature a display panel on the front, allowing you to check temperature and settings at a glance.

Digital Inverter Compressor- These advanced compressors allow your freezer to maintain a more consistent temperature. They also reduce wear and tear, help to reduce noise and could reduce your utility bills.

Door Alarm- A handy alarm which will sound if you accidentally leave the fridge door open. This convenient feature will save your food from spoiling.

Door Hinge Position- Indicates whether the appliance door opens on the left or right hinge.

Door Storage- Storage attached to the inside of the door – an ideal place for storing your cartons and condiments.

Door Type- There are a variety of door types which will differ depending on the model. These include single door, double door, multi-door and reversible door. 

EasyAccess Freezer Box- An open-ended shelf that provides quick access to frozen food. An ideal storage design for your most reached for items. 

Eco Features- Many fridges now come with settings to improve energy efficiency. These models minimise energy consumption, helping you to save both energy and money.

Egg Compartment- This specialised compartment provides safe, convenient storage for your eggs. Also called ‘Egg Storage’ or ‘Egg Tray’.

Electronic Controls- Control your unit’s internal temperature and settings with electronic controls. These are the digital alternative to an Analog Thermostat.

Energy Consumption- The amount of power which is used by the refrigerator while it’s in use. Depending on the design, some models will use more energy than others. Always look out for the Energy Efficiency Rating – see below.

Energy Efficiency Rating- This grade refers to how energy efficient the freezer is. Ratings range from A+++ to G, with A+++ representing the very best models for efficiency.

EverFresh+- This salad crisper controls humidity, to better preserve stored fruits and vegetables and keep them fresh.

Fast Freeze Compartment-A handy compartment found in some freezers, these specialised compartments bring food down to freezing temperatures more quickly, preserving quality and taste.

Fast Freeze Function / Technology- This feature ensures that your freezer returns to its set temperature more quickly after new food items have been added.

Flush Handles- Flush handles are built into the door of the appliance, rather than protruding from it externally. This can be useful in kitchens with limited room. Also referred to as ‘Recessed Handle’. 

Food Protection System- Some freezer models suffer from compressor failures when operating in conditions below 0°C; this Blomberg feature means your appliance will run in temperatures as low as -15°C. See also ‘Freezer Guard Technology’.

Four-Star Freezing- Four-star freezers can store food at -18°C for up to 12 months, and are the only type of freezer able to safely store food from fresh.

Freestanding- Models that can be fitted anywhere in the kitchen, with the front of the fridge completely visible.

Freezer Capacity- The amount of storage space a freezer offers, measured in litres. Freezers have a calculated Gross Capacity and Net Capacity.

Freezer Guard Technology- Some freezer models suffer from compressor failures when operating in conditions below 0°C; this Beko feature means your appliance will run in temperatures as low as -15°C. See also ‘Food Protection System’.

Freezer Star Rating- This is the European classification system indicating the length of time a freezer can safely store food. The ratings range from one to four stars, with four being the best. Four-star freezers can hold pre-heated or frozen-from-fresh food for up to twelve months.

Fresh Zone- A drawer specially designed to operate at a lower temperature, with controlled humidity. It can be used to keep meat and fish fresher for longer.

Fridge Capacity- This measurement, usually in litres, gives you an idea of how much food you can store in the fridge. The larger the capacity, the more food your fridge can hold.

Fridge Freezer - combined fridge and freezer appliance. Combined fridge freezers are common in most kitchens, saving floor space over having separate units.

Frost Free Technology - constant flow of air around the freezer prevents ice from forming, eliminating the need for manual defrosting.

HygION Technology- silver coating that kills bacteria and other microorganisms, making your refrigerator as hygienic as possible. This feature can be found in some Blomberg refrigerators and freezers. See also ‘ Antibacterial Coating’.

Ice Dispenser- Some premium appliances have features to dispense ice at the press of a button. Ice dispensers are typically found on fridge freezers.

Ice Trays- Some freezers feature built-in ice trays, which can be filled with water for easy ice cubes.

Installation Type- Refrigerators can either be built-in to your kitchen for uniformity, or freestanding for flexibility. See ‘Integrated’ and ‘Freestanding’ for more.

Integrated- Refrigerator models designed to fit snugly inside your kitchen units. They will be entirely covered by cupboard doors, seamlessly blending into your kitchen.

Interior Lighting-A handy light inside the fridge that turns on whenever the door is opened. Ideal for finding what you need, no matter what the time of day.

Inverter Compressor Technology- Technology to save energy, as reflected in the appliance’s energy efficiency rating. It works by automatically maintaining the correct temperature, taking the outside temperature into account.

Larder Fridge- A larder fridge is a standard fridge without an icebox inside. Also available with a larger capacity, see ‘Tall’ style.

LED Display- Some models of freezer feature a display panel on the front, allowing you to check temperature and settings at a glance.

Manual Defrost- Some fridges do not have an auto defrost function – defrosting these models requires turning off the appliance for several hours.

Recessed Handle- ‘Recessed’ handles are built into the door of the fridge, rather than protruding from it externally. This can be useful in kitchens with limited room. Also called ‘Flush Handles’.

Safety Glass Shelves-A good alternative to plastic shelves. They’re hard-wearing and can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. Safety glass is designed not to shatter, making any accidental breakages easy to deal with.

Salad Crisper- A transparent plastic drawer that keeps fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. Some models keep this area at a different temperature or humidity compared to the rest of the fridge. Also called ‘Salad Drawer’ and ‘Salad Bin’.


Refrigerators with a slightly narrower width that more easily can slot into tight spaces - perfect if you have limited kitchen space.

Spill Resistant Glass Shelves- These shelves often have raised edges to contain any spilt liquids. They provide an easy wipe surface to keep the inside of the fridge hygienic.

Tall Appliances- Taller than standard fridges and freezers, these offer great value for money and a large storage capacity. They are ideal for large families or households, or just for stocking up on meals.

Under Counter appliances- These are compact enough to fit underneath a kitchen worktop, making them ideal for smaller kitchens or utility rooms.


Adjustable feet- The feet on the bottom of the appliance are height adjustable meaning that the appliance can be levelled.

Built-In- These appliances are integrated into a fitted kitchen, generally built- in double ovens are eye level and are of a larger size than a built- under double oven. Single cavity ovens are the same in size whether they are under the worktop or eye level to you.

Built-under- These appliances are designed to sit underneath a work top and are therefore slightly smaller than the built-in double ovens.

Cavity- The space where the food is cooked inside the oven

Ceramic Hobs- These are found on electric cookers or can be built in, they  have no raised elements and are therefore easy to wipe over and clean.

Child Lock-  Some appliances are designed with child locks preventing children from operating appliances unwantedly.

Circotherm- This patented technology from Neff draws air into the oven through a powerful fan. The air is then heated and directed back into the oven. Hot air is also focused directly onto the food being cooked – this helps to keep in moisture and prevents flavour transfer.

Convection oven a.k.a Fan oven- This type of oven contains a fan at the back of the oven which helps to circulate the air around the oven making for more even cooking.

Conventional Oven - An oven with a stationary heat source- not fan assisted.

Cooking Functions- Most cookers/ovens come with a range of different ways to cook your food.

Double oven- A cooker/ oven which has two ovens.

Enamel Linings- These are wipe clean linings on the inside of the cooker/oven which have special bondings to prevent food and grease from sticking to the oven.

Flame Safety Device (FSD) - This is found on gas appliances and if the flame is to blow out the gas is cut off.

Freestanding- Freestanding models are an all-in-one appliance with oven and hob. These do not to sit in to a work surface.

Induction Hob- This type of hob uses magnets in order to heat up only the size of the pan that is placed on the hob ring. There are generally more power levels on induction hobs than ceramic hobs.

Plug and Play Hob- This hob comes with a plug on it so it can just be plugged in to your mains rather than having it hardwired.

Single Oven- Only one oven on a model whether it be on a cooker or a built-in oven.

Twin Cavity-  Two cavities on an appliance but only the bottom cavity is an oven and the top one is just a grill.

Wok Burner- Generally on hobs with 5 or more burners, this is a more powerful burner of larger size for fast cooking.


Adjustable baskets- Some appliances allow the baskets to be moved up and down in height making space for bigger and bulkier items that you may want to wash.

Anti-flood systems- Built-in systems that stop the dishwasher from flooding.

Anti-bacterial system- This seal can be found on the dishwasher and is designed to prevent any food bacteria and dirt particles mounting up and to keep the door as hygienic as possible.

Aquastop- An anti-flood device from Bosch which will automatically shut off the water supply to the dishwasher if it identifies a water leak. See ‘Anti-Flood Systems’.

Child lock- Built-in safety feature to prevent any little hands from changing settings whilst the cycle is running

Counter Balanced Door- This means that there will be no unexpected drops from the door and no possible injuries.

Cutlery Basket- A useful basket to hold your knifes, spoons, forks etc. This can usually be taken out of the dishwasher to your cutlery drawer in your kitchen to sop you from having to go backwards and forwards constantly.

Cutlery Drawer- A drawer that is usually located at the top of the dishwasher for your spoons, knifes, forks etc. This frees up space in the other drawer where a cutlery basket would normally be located.

Delay start Function- Allows you to set your dishwasher at a desired time

Freestanding- These appliances are the opposite of ‘Built-in’ or ‘Integrated’ models, and can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. They benefit from easier installation and more flexibility should you wish to change the layout of your room.

Fully integrated - A built-in appliance that can not be seen as it is hidden under a worktop and behind a cupboard door.

Full size- Larger dishwashers, the opposite of ‘Compact’. These are available as both ‘Integrated and ‘Freestanding models

Led/LCD Display- Clearly displays the programme information, including type of cycle, temperature and/or time remaining.

Quick Wash Programme- Many brands and models of dishwasher feature a Quick Wash setting, giving a shorter, more intense wash for when you need your dishes ready in a hurry.

Remaining Time Delay-  A handy timer to tell you when the cycle will be finished.

Rinse Aid Indicator - Indicator located on the dishwasher’s control panel . Alerts you when Rinse Aid solution requires a refill.

Salt Indicator- Lets you know when the dishwasher salt needs topping up. If you live in a hard water area, your dishwasher may be prone to lime scale build up. 

Semi-integrated- This appliance is fitted like an integrated model, but the control panel is left exposed. ‘Integrated’ models can be fully hidden behind a cupboard door.

Start Delay Timer- This lets you choose a convenient time for the dishwasher to start.

Status Indicator- Tells you which stage the dishwasher cycle has reached. Often located on the front of the machine alongside the dishwasher’s Control Panel.

Varioflex Plus-  Available on select models, this basket system features a wide range of moveable parts, so you can tailor the space to suit your needs. Clear room for large pots and pans, or fit more plates and dishes, with VarioFlex Plus. See ‘Adjustable Baskets’.

Variospeed- A Bosch feature that can reduce the duration of a programme by up to 50%, without compromising on cleaning quality.

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